Online Internship Program Antenna Design Thinking 3.0

Eligibility Criteria
  • Third Year/ Final Year Students & Graduates
  • M.E/M.Tech in Communications Engineering, RF & Microwave
  • B.Sc/M.Sc in Electronics & Communications Engineering
Course Content
Online Program Duration & Venue
  • Program Duration: 1 month Weekend Online Program
  • Program Starts from: October 2020
Online Training Details – RF & Antenna Design

The online training program takes the trainees through

  • Reinforcement of Electromagnetic, RF and Microwave fundamental concepts (Only for UG Students)
  • RF Modeling and Antenna Design using CST Microwave Studio
  • Design and Simulation of Commercial and Industry grade Antenna Designs
  • Prototyping of Antenna, Characterization and Testing of prototype antenna

The program brings hands-on sessions, research based unconventional designs, practical industrial projects, research paper walkthrough session, case studies and periodic assessments.
Live Webinars will be recorded and shared with RF aspirants along with Home Assignments and reference antenna designs

  • Basic laws of Electromagnetics
  • Antenna fundamentals
  • Antenna Feeding Techniques and Parametric Analysis
  • Getting started with CST MWS: antenna design – Microstrip patch Antenna
  • Advance antenna design – Industry requirement-based design scenario, design flow and industry analysis flow
  • Getting started with CST MWS
  • Antenna Design & Simulation (Design and Analysis of microstrip patch antenna)
  • Advance antenna design – Guidelines, Design case studies
  • Hotskill 1: UWB Antenna
  • Hotskill 2: MIMO Antenna
  • Hotskill 3: Reconfigurable Antenna
  • Hotskill 4: Metamaterial Antenna

Note: All Hotskills Webinars includes dedicated live sessions demonstrating Design, Simulation and Optimization of trending antenna R&D using CST Microwave Studio with Practical Industrial Antenna POC Reference to ZinZout’s Patented Technology


Upon successful completion of online training, project assistance and RF Profile Counselling shall be offered by ZinZout Teletech